Mei Cheung

Mei came from Hong Kong in 1977. She has been a greenhouse technician at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station since Sept. 2000 when she began working in Plant Pathology with Dr. Dennis Gonsalves. In Sept. 2003 she began a joint appointment with Plant Pathology and Entomology working with Dr. Tony Shelton and Dr. Marc Fuchs. Mei provides healthy disease and insect free plants for graduate students, post-doctoral and visiting scientists to use in their research.  She also maintains insect lines with specific genetic characteristics.  During her 35 years in the US, Mei has worked for a health insurance company, a bank, the United States Post Office and two restaurants. But the NYS agricultural experiment Station is the only place she calls home.

Besides her job, Mei is a long-time member of a winter bowling league.  She enjoys fishing, walking, and bicycle riding at Seneca Lake Park in summer.  On long weekends she likes to take a trip down to NJ to visit her lovely granddaughter “Abigail  Tin-Oi “

Biology, ecology and management of insect pests affectiing vegetables and other crops