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I'm the NEWA Coordinator here at the New York State IPM Program. I work to provide online decision support to growers in NY and across the country for IPM and agricultural best practices.

ICE 2012 in South Korea

At the International Congress of Entomology (August 19-24) in South Korea we will be presenting 2 symposia:

1.  Section 10-3: Integrated Pest Management
The role of present and future genetically-engineered insect-resistant crops in IPM              
Organizers: Anthony M. Shelton, Jörg Romeis, Yunhe Li
2.  Section 8-3: Pesticides, GM Crops, Resistance and Toxicology
The effects of GM crops on non-target organisms
Organizers: Jörg Romeis, Richard L. Hellmich, Anthony M. Shelton