I teach ENTOM 7670- [Professional Development in Entomology] Fall. 2 credits. S-U.

Required for first and second year entomology graduate students. Provides an introduction to the department’s varied programs, what to expect in graduate school, explore library resources, and develop survival and professional skills for graduate students. Students learn how to effectively search databases, review and write grant proposals, develop presentation skills and learn about positions in entomology.

I have taught ENTOM 2410 – [Applied Entomology in the Field: Insect Pests of Agriculture, Urban Environments, and Public Health] Fall. 3 credits. S-U or letter grade option.

Not offered in 2015-16. Limited to 24 students. Lec, lab/disc.

This course focuses on how insects and other arthropods affect our daily lives as pests of agriculture, urban environments and public health. This course is suitable for students interested in plant and animal sciences, as well as those simply interested in the fascinating world of insects. Through hands-on field trips, lectures and laboratory exercises, students will gain an appreciation for and understanding of the biology, ecology and behavior of significant arthropod pests. We will explore various past, present and future pest management practices and the effects they have on our society, economy, health and the environment in which we live. Previous experience in entomology is not required.

In addition, I provide guest lectures in several other classes: ENTOM 4190; and  CSS 4100 (The GMO Debate: Science, Society and Global Impact) and often help teach IARD 4020 Agriculture in the Developing Nations and IARD 6020 Agriculture in Developing Nations II (IARD course listings here).

Biology, ecology and management of insect pests affectiing vegetables and other crops