Grad Students

     Dan Olmstead, M.S. 2015
     Saurabh Gautam, M.S. 2013
     John Diaz-Montano, Ph.D. 2010
          Postdoc at ARS at Kansas State
     Francisco Badeness-Perez. Ph.D. 2005
          Government Researcher, Spain
      Elizabeth Goulet, M.S. 2003
          Later received Ph.D at Cornell, Assistant Professor, North Seattle College
     Fred Musser, Ph.D. 2003
          Associate Professor, Mississippi State University
     Wini Utari, MPS 1997
          Later received her Ph.D. from Univ. of Kentucky
     Rebecca Smyth, M.S. 1999
          Completed her Ph.D. at Cornell and works at CU
     Alfredo Rueda.  Ph.D. 2000
          Director of IPM Program, Zamorano, Honduras
     Luis Vasquez, Ph.D. M.S. 1994; Ph.D. 1998
          Dow AgroSciences
     Mark Schmaedick, Ph.D. 2000
          Research Faculty, Univ. of American Somoa
     Carlos Perez, Ph.D. M.S. 1993; Ph.D. 1996
          Coordinator for Swiss International Agency Projects in Nicaragua
     Sanford Eigenbrode, Ph. D. 1993
          Professor, Univ. of Idaho
     Bill Sheehan, Ph.D. 1988
     Susan Webb, Ph.D. 1988
          Associate Professor, University of Florida
     Kim Stoner, Ph. D. 1988
          Scientist, Connecticut Ag. Expt Stn.
     Casey Hoy, Ph.D. 1988
          Professor, Ohio State University
     Richard Meadow, M.S. 1984
          Professor, Norweigan Institute for Ag. Research

Biology, ecology and management of insect pests affectiing vegetables and other crops