Tony Shelton

Shelton in the field
Tony Shelton in a New York State cabbage field (left photo) and with Bt eggplant farmers in Bangladesh, 2018 (right photo).

Professor of Entomology
International Professor for Cornell
Associate Director of International Programs

About the Principal Investigator

With a B.A. in Classics and Philosophy in hand, Tony decided to work in business for a few years, then go into Biology.  Marine Biology looked like the ticket for him (and hundreds of other fans of Jacque Coustou) until he realized he gets seasick.  A Zoology Professor turned him on to the fascinating world of insects and this seemed to suit his tastes for a discipline that would blend biology, food production and environmental issues.  Tony went to UC Riverside for his M.S. and Ph.D. in Entomology, where he studied insect pest management and biological control. He came straight from his Ph.D. work to Cornell where he has spent his career.  Tony is an International Professor of Entomology at Cornell and, in 2010, he was elected a Fellow of the Entomological Society of America.

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Tony and Ann kayaking in New Zealand  Leif Shelton, born August 11, 2011
Sailing on Seneca Lake Fishing in Alaska
Indian eggplant infested with eggplant fruit and shoot borer Cauliflower damaged by the diamondback moth in India


Biology, ecology and management of insect pests affectiing vegetables and other crops