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Finger Lakes Times op-ed: IPM Practices lead to healthiest food

Dr Tony Shelton published an op-ed article in the Finger Lakes Times, arguing that Integrated Pest Management is the best way to promote healthy food systems while improving the environment.

Quoted from the Finger Lakes Times (click for article) on Sunday March 30, 2014:

“I read with interest Mr. Tony Del Plato’s Guest Appearance column, “Is it about time food goes all-organic?” (Finger Lakes Times, March 16). I applaud Mr. Del Plato’s interest in our food system, but suggest that he — and readers — consider two more questions before they answer his: Is organic agriculture always safer to the environment and human health? Can all consumers afford the generally 20 to 30 percent higher prices of organic foods? The answer to these questions is simply “no.” Numerous scientific studies, including one by Stanford University researchers, have shown that organic foods are neither safer nor more nutritious than conventionally grown food. Furthermore, in this economy, most people simply can’t afford high-priced organic foods.”

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